FORMA – Free Music Impulse

FORMA – Free Music Impulse

FORMA is a six-week electronic music festival organized by Renato Rinaldi and the Hybrida Space Association.

The festival has its permanent hub in Udine and includes events scattered throughout Friuli Venezia Giulia, Austria and Slovenia, such as concerts, workshops and conferences, and is totally free for those under 25.

The 2017 edition also involved 20 students from four high schools, who took part through an alternating school / work programme.

Electronic music helps reinforce the link between man, technology and the local area. Different types of music are renowned for using new and old technologies, bringing out the characteristics of each.

This is why we were happy to help organize this initiative, mindful of its innovative approach to culture and of the attention the organizers paid not only to the music selected and its performance, but also to its usefulness as a teaching tool, exploring the various roles and jobs involved in creating electronic music and in organizing a festival.

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