Clara Miani

FPP clara miani team 1

Clara graduated with honours in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology at the University of Trieste. She has always been interested in the world of childhood, development and family, achieving her experience in educational, assistance and research fields in diverse health and school contexts. She refined her career path through two postgraduate programmes in Palliative Care and […]

Martina Norbedo

FPP martina norbedo team

Martina graduated with honors in Integrated Communication for Businesses and Organizations at University of Udine. After having carried out two internship experiences in the ICT company of the FVG Region – PR & Communication office – she collaborated as academic tutor at the UniUD Multifunctional Center in Gorizia dealing with relationships, student orientation, social media […]

Nicolò Melli

FPP nicolo melli team

Nicolò has a specialization in Management achieved between Milan and London (London School of Economics and Political Sciences). He worked as Social Innovation and Non-Profit Consultant at the Cabinet of Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. In this capacity, he contributed to the drafting of the decrees of the Third Sector Reform, dealing specifically […]

Lisa Guzzi

FPP lisa guzzi team

Lisa Guzzi graduated in Political Science from the University of Bologna with a degree in Political Science. She has several post-graduate specialization courses to her credit including the Euro-Project Management School in European project management and reporting. Lisa has fifteen years of experience in the field of continuous and permanent training. She was the Research, […]

Mirella Pascottini

FPP mirella pascottini team

Assistant to the management of the Pittini Group until 2017. Mirella has acquired administrative and organizational skills and competences within the various companies of the Group. Today a precious collaborator of the Foundation for all Back Office activities.