What we do

We create opportunities for growth and development
for the more vulnerable

We study and select sustainable long-term initiatives aimed at the emancipation and educational, cultural and social development of the individual, with particular reference to the young and the more vulnerable.

We are engaged in researching innovative ideas and in exploring new forms of solidarity. We evaluate projects designed to improve skills and develop entrepreneurship, promoting positive values ​​among the young and working to remove educational disadvantages and family poverty.

Our initiatives introduce young people to culture, art and creativeness, generating a can-do attitude in the whole area and fostering inclusive forms of welfare. We study social innovation projects where research, knowledge and entrepreneurship spawn new employment, incorporating a wide range of individuals and idioms.

Thanks to the support of partners active in the various fields of social intervention, we are able to co-produce welfare services. We follow the best international practices to promote and seek measures of improvement and social inclusion to introduce in our territory.

We are aware that our projects can’t change the world on their own, but at the same time we know that an ocean is made up of myriad single drops.

Our projects

The Pietro Pittini Foundation is committed to promoting actions aimed at innovation and development in line with the United Nations’ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), introduced in 2015, which constitute the Agenda 2030 blueprint for international development.

Other projects

This section is dedicated to projects the Foundation supports, and that were conceived by other organizations, and people, who like us, want to meet the most urgent needs of the young and their communities.

Propose a project

We are always happy to learn about new projects and initiatives, and to promote and support those who are committed to creating social value.This is why we select projects that are innovative and certain to have a social impact, on young people, and other vulnerable populations, affected by poverty, health, education and economic development.