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What we do

What we do
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We operate by developing our own targeted pathways, designed on the needs and age of beneficiaries; moreover, we receive and select external requests that follow:

  • Quality education
  • Capacity building, enterpreneurship and connections with both business world and new employment
  • Social innovation and enhancement of the community of our territory

Our journey has started to explore the most effective models of modern philanthropy. We are small, but active and ambitious! “Aim for the highest” — A. Carnegie

Our projects

We are looking for innovative ideas, we are experimenting new forms of solidarity.

Other supports

An important part of our work is to listen to the requests that come to us; we support many associations and initiatives that share with us the centrality of merit, creativity and social inclusion among the younger generations.
Valuable projects, which allow us to be present in the territory, better understand the needs and start new collaborations.
  • Medaglia Ambrosetti, SISSA – Premio di ricerca
  • Borse di Studio, UWC Adriatic – Duino (TS)
  • Barcolana, ASD Sailing Team – Trieste
  • Terre d’Incanti, Zaffiria – Lauco (UD)
  • Il favoloso viaggio nella pietra di Aurisina, Ass. Casa C.A.V.E. Aurisina (TS)
  • Divulgazione Musicale, Casa della Musica, Trieste
  • NanoValbruna 2021, Accademia di Gagliato Globale
  • Redazioniamoci , FLAMES, Udine
  • La Scuola per il Cuore, ASD Rescue Evolution, Trieste
  • Racconti di plastica, Ass. Anthropoi XXI, Udine
  • Un reparto a misura di bambino, Ass. A.B.C. Burlo, Trieste
  • Home visiting sostegno domiciliare, Ass. Scricciolo, Trieste
  • Campus Giovani Giornalisti, Far East Film Festival, Udine
  • EuCiack vol. 2, Trieste Film Festival
  • Chromopolis, Edilmaster, Trieste
  • Adriatico, Ass. Radici e Futuro, Trieste
  • Dedalus, Coop. Soc. Hattivalab, Udine
  • Orto Borto bambini, Ass. Orto Borto, Ragogna (UD)