Thanks for the Music

Thanks for the Music

Music is an art that enriches and develops creativeness and sensibility. It is a universal language and has excellent educational applications.

This is why we decided to support the musical activity of the G. Roli Institute of Trieste, donating two new musical instruments that will be used by the students of the secondary school.

The two organizations met in spring 2018 on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the introduction of music  tuition at the institute. The celebration was marked by the performance of two concerts at Teatro Bobbio in Trieste in May 2018.

The event featured the school orchestra together with the choirs of the primary and secondary schools in a vertical teaching project involving the entire institute, comprising 700 pupils.

The foundation helped the institute arrange the celebration by purchasing some new musical instruments, which were useful for the concert but will be invaluable in the years to come, broadening the range and increasing the number of instruments available and enabling pupils to make the most of the lessons offered by the institute.

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