Teen to Teen

Teen to Teen

“Teen to Teen” is a project designed to improve awareness of the cultural heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Secondary school students (teens) are encouraged to produce multimedia material illustrating some of the works that now languish in our museums. They then share this material with their peers (teens), thus giving the works a new lease on life and a whole new perspective.

Paraphrasing the peer to peer concept, Teen to Teen is a project that aims to get secondary school students to spread knowledge of their cultural heritage and harness its potential through a scheme in which one set of teenagers transmits its discoveries to another set of teenagers.

The project is built around two parallel, coordinated programmes based in Udine and Trieste, involving a total of 80 students from 6 different schools and 4 museums.

Presented to us by Andrea Collavino and Renato Rinaldi, the project’s creators, Teen to Teen involves activities taking place over a period of 5 months and performed by Cooperativa Punto Zero in collaboration with  Cooperativa la Collina. Dozens of experts take part as tutors in the various fields, from video to collage and the various media and social media.

The project’s goal is to build enthusiasm in the kids taking part and over a period of 96 working hours to lead them through a programme that first introduces them to the region’s cultural heritage, then, helped by experts, to find an effective way to communicate to their peers that the cultural heritage is not “stuff in museums” and that “surfing” through this material can actually be a “really cool” experience. The hope is that they will come to realize that the heritage is full of pictures and stories that have something to say to them too and that can be approached in a lighthearted, playful frame of mind. They are encouraged to develop their own way of expressing their views, which they can use to share their discoveries with others of their age.

The Teen to Teen project has been launched thanks to the sponsorship of ERPAC, Fondazione Friuli, Fondazione Antonveneta and Fondazione CRTrieste, as well as Fondazione Pietro Pittini. The collaborators include RAI Friuli Venezia Giulia, Civici Musei del Comune di Udine and Civici Musei del Comune di Trieste

We will shortly be able to home in on #teentoteen to see the results of the kids’ creativeness and appreciate our wonderful cultural heritage with them.

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