SGT Nautica and SMAC Trieste sport courses

SGT Nautica and SMAC Trieste sport courses

The aim of Società Ginnastica Triestina Nautica (SGT), founded in 1863 (the second, by only a year, in Italy), is to promote and develop water sports, especially rowing, with the attendant emphasis on physical education and sporting ethics, both at a competitive and recreational level.

SGT also holds two-week sports courses for beginners during the summer, where young people between the ages of 6 and 16 try their hand at rowing.

The Community of San Martino al Campo (SMAC) is a voluntary association that has been operating in Trieste since 1970. Its aim is to listen to and provide comfort to people in difficulty, providing answers and solutions to some of their problems through empathy, closeness, awareness, prevention and training.

In 2012, the community launched the ‘Non uno di Meno’ (not one fewer) project, better known as the ‘SMAC School’. The main objective of the activity is to help young people who have opted out of traditional schools to obtain the middle school diploma through personalized teaching focusing particularly on their special educational and relational needs.

The Pietro Pittini Foundation is always on the look-out for new connections and collaborations and has united these two efforts with a small but – we hope – significant intervention to boost enrolments to the sports courses for beginners run by SGT in summer 2018.

We hope this can be the first step in an enduring partnership, in which sport and education combine to create a winning formula.

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More movement, more play, more learning, more interdisciplinary activity, more socialization, more integration, more education, more health: all this is +Sport a Scuola (More Sport at School).

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