Our projects

The Pietro Pittini Foundation is committed to promoting actions aimed at innovation and development, in line with the United Nations’ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), introduced in 2015, which constitute the Agenda 2030 blueprint for international development.

With this in mind, we are at work on the creation and development of projects that focus in particular on SDG 4 – Quality Education, to ensure equal access to quality education, and on SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth, aimed at ensuring that financial services and other tools essential for inclusive and sustainable economic growth are available to those most in need.

The foundation mainly develops projects aimed at young people and is now concentrating on 11- to 14-year-olds in Italian secondary schools.

We study the local context, seeking the most suitable partners with whom to develop our projects, who can ensure quality in creating and furnishing the projects.

Sperimentare il futuro - Industria 4.0

Sperimentare il Futuro (Exploring the Future) is an educational project aiming at innovation development and the diffusion of scientific skills.

+Sport a Scuola

More movement, more play, more learning, more interdisciplinary activity, more socialization, more integration, more education, more health: all this is +Sport a Scuola (More Sport at School).


A pilot project of peer education that aims to disseminate science and tecnology to very young scholars (7-9 years old) through classes tought by high school students (16-18 years old ) of Malignani Tech- Institute of Udine: it’s STEMS for children from students.

Trieste 2020 Science Greeters

Trieste that has been chosen from ESOF to host science through researchers and scientists of many relevant Institutes and countries. FPP is willing to contaminate young university students to walk tourists and visitors through unconventional sites and places of the city. These students will be Greeters of Trieste in a mix of science, economy and culture thanks to the century vibrating history of this old empire city.

Scholarships in social innovation

FPP starts a scholarship program with the aim of promoting the dissemination of social innovation among students. Università di Trieste and Università di Udine are new partners of FPP in these academic studies.

Other projects we support

This section gathers together the projects the foundation has decided to support that were conceived by other organizations and people in the area who, like us, want to meet the most urgent needs of the young and of their community.

These are outstanding projects that enable us to maintain a presence in the area and improve our awareness of the needs of its inhabitants, so as to initiate new and ever more effective collaborations.

Teen to Teen

“Teen to Teen” is a project designed to improve awareness of the cultural heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Secondary school students (teens) are encouraged to produce multimedia material illustrating some of the works that now languish in our museums.

Parole a Scuola

Parole a Scuola (Words at School) is a free training initiative organized by Associazione Parole Ostili. It aims to share effective measures to give a concrete response to the need to tackle online hostility.

Thanks for the Music

Music is an art that enriches and develops creativeness and sensibility. It is a universal language and has excellent educational applications. This is why we decided to support the musical activity of the G. Roli Institute of Trieste.

Via Valente Green Area

The foundation supports the Aurora Udine Est Association in running the green area and helps organize the recreational and sports activities, tournaments and events. The goal is to upgrade the Via Valente park in Udine and make it attractive to all the area’s inhabitants.

SGT Nautica and SMAC Trieste sport courses

The Pietro Pittini Foundation is always on the look-out for new connections and collaborations and has united these two efforts with a small but – we hope – significant intervention to boost enrolments to the sports courses for beginners run by SGT in summer 2018.

D.A.D.A Project – Didattiche per Ambienti di Apprendimento

The D.A.D.A. project (teaching for learning environments) is designed to gradually rethink learning environments, providing flexible, multi-purpose, modular and easily modified solutions according to the activity carried out. The aim is as far as possible always to fulfil all purposes.

Il Suono in Mostra

Il Suono in Mostra (Sound on Exhibition) exhibits the works of leading sound artists, both local and international, in places traditionally designed for exhibitions (galleries and museums) and at the same time in selected urban contexts.

Propose a project

We are always happy to learn about new projects and initiatives in order to promote and support those who are committed to creating social value.

This is why we select projects sure to make a social impact and introduce innovation, possibly centred on young people affected by the four areas of concern: poverty, health, education and economic development.