Università degli Studi di Udine

Thanks to the collaboration with the BA degree course in Physical Education and the MA course in Sport Sciences,, the foundation has been able to develop the + Sport a Scuola.

Science Center – Immaginario Scientifico

Science Center - Immaginario Scientifico is the interactive and experimental science museum of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with which we established a collaboration through the Sperimentare il Futuro – Industria 4.0. project. Immaginario Scientifico is designed to promote and spread the culture of science and technology.

Cooperativa La Collina

La Collina is a type B social cooperative and plans and runs cultural, administrative, information, didactive-creative and tourist services throughout the province of Trieste. In combination with the local government and community, it develops and supports social innovation schemes through novel forms of entrepreneurship.We collaborate with Cooperativa la Collina on the + Sport a Scuola project, contributing to structuring and supply in the Communication Laboratory.

LIBERTAS sports centre

Polisportiva Libertas Martignacco A.S.D. was founded as an athletics club as long ago as January 1977. It produced a number of highly successful athletes at the provincial, regional and national level and later grew to include a volleyball section, headed by Bernardino Ceccarelli, that became the feather in the centre’s cap. Libertas Martignacco is one of the few sports clubs that have both male and female sections. A strong attachment to sport’s underlying values and the enthusiasm of athletes and administrators alike, combined with the skill of its trainers, have ensued that Libertas has survived and prospered over the years, keeping its eyes firmly on the future. Libertas is our partner in the + Sport a Scuola project for the 2018-2019 school year.

Fondazione per l’Innovazione del Terzo Settore – FITS!

La Fondazione per l’Innovazione del Terzo Settore – FITS! (Foundation for Innovation in the Tertiary Sector) is a corporate foundation established by Banca Prossima in 2011 with the aim of creating social value, beginning in the tertiary sector and spreading to the whole community.

Io Tifo Positivo | Partner Fondazione Pittini

Io Tifo Positivo

Io Tifo Positivo is a project of the Associazione Comunità Nuova Onlus based in Milano. Its focus is the promotion of the values of sport and the inspiring principles of human relationships: friendship, loyalty, collaboration and mutual respect. Through sport and typhus, it works on the issue of legality, comprehension and respect for the rules, respect for ourselves and others, respect for the institutional figures - as arbiter and judge - respect for the environment, materials, health and diversity.