Parole a Scuola

Parole a Scuola

Parole a Scuola (Words at School) is a free training initiative organized by Associazione Parole Ostili. It aims to share effective measures to give a concrete response to the need to tackle online hostility.

The event was held at the Catholic University of Milan on 9 February 2018, Safer Internet Day, an annual event organized with the support of the European Commission that involves 100 countries, united in their desire to promote the safe and responsible use of the web and of new technologies among children and young people.

Over 30 lectures, panels and interactive workshops aimed at primary and secondary school teachers were held during the course of the day, preceded by a plenary assembly attended by the Minister of Education Valeria Fedeli.

The initiative also provided the opportunity to present a Media Education syllabus designed for the two school levels based on the principles of the Non-hostile Communication Manifesto.

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More movement, more play, more learning, more interdisciplinary activity, more socialization, more integration, more education, more health: all this is +Sport a Scuola (More Sport at School).

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