D.A.D.A Project – Didattiche per Ambienti di Apprendimento

D.A.D.A Project – Didattiche per Ambienti di Apprendimento

With its capacity to adapt to all disciplines, its being used during breaks, each student having his own desk, the classroom is a space imbued with a strong sense of physical identity for those frequenting it daily. But at the same time it is not immediately associated with a specific subject or a particular discipline. It is a social space but not a designated area.

The physical teaching environment is never neutral: its structure, appearance, quality and arrangement mean it is equivalent to a third teacher.

Recognizing this fact has given rise to the proposal, borrowed from the most innovative schools in northern Europe, to rethink and restructure the classrooms of the two schools, Bellavitis and Marconi, that make up Istituto VI in Udine.

The classroom is assigned to the teacher, not to the class: the teacher stays in his own personalized space suitable for active teaching, while the students rotate between one designated space and another, depending on the subject.

The D.A.D.A. project (teaching for learning environments) is designed to gradually rethink learning environments, providing flexible, multi-purpose, modular and easily modified solutions according to the activity carried out. The aim is as far as possible always to fulfil all purposes.

In line with best practice, the foundation is pleased to support this functional rethinking of teaching spaces, in which new colours and new furniture stimulate the ability to concentrate and collaborate, overcoming the distinction between theoretical and laboratory lessons and ensuring increased respect for the teacher and the best use of time and of the classroom.

Designing teaching spaces along these lines encourages students to become actively involved and to explore the subject; cooperation is boosted, school loses its antagonistic aura and the appreciation of aesthetic considerations is reinforced. Comfortable, colorful and welcoming places help to make school an enjoyable experience, turning an unwelcoming place into a series of lived-in spaces.

The Bellavitis and Marconi schools of Udine have also taken part in the +Sport a Scuola programme since its pilot phase, launched in 2017, as well as the Sperimentare il futuro – Industria 4.0 project.

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