Category: Other Projects

Category: Other Projects

Thanks for the Music

Music is an art that enriches and develops creativeness and sensibility. It is a universal language and has excellent educational applications. This is why we decided to support the musical activity of the G. Roli Institute of Trieste.

Via Valente Green Area

The foundation supports the Aurora Udine Est Association in running the green area and helps organize the recreational and sports activities, tournaments and events. The goal is to upgrade the Via Valente park in Udine and make it attractive to all the area’s inhabitants.

SGT Nautica and SMAC Trieste sport courses

The Pietro Pittini Foundation is always on the look-out for new connections and collaborations and has united these two efforts with a small but – we hope – significant intervention to boost enrolments to the sports courses for beginners run by SGT in summer 2018.

D.A.D.A Project – Didattiche per Ambienti di Apprendimento

The D.A.D.A. project (teaching for learning environments) is designed to gradually rethink learning environments, providing flexible, multi-purpose, modular and easily modified solutions according to the activity carried out. The aim is as far as possible always to fulfil all purposes.

Il Suono in Mostra

Il Suono in Mostra (Sound on Exhibition) exhibits the works of leading sound artists, both local and international, in places traditionally designed for exhibitions (galleries and museums) and at the same time in selected urban contexts.

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