Category: Other Projects

Category: Other Projects

Other Projects


EU Ciak, promoted by Trieste Film Festival with the support of our Foundation, is an audiovisual-edu project dedicated to students of upper secondary schools in

ARS NOVA – Int. Youth Festival

The Ars Nova International Music Youth Festival is a music competition dedicated to young performers from all over Europe organized by Associazione Ars Nova with

Archeologia didattica

Thanks to the support of Pietro Pittini Foundation, the project carried out by the Associazione Culturarti has foreseen the creation of 20 workshops on the

Io tifo positivo

IO Tifo Positivo is a project promoted by Comunità Nuova Onlus in Milan and supported in Friuli Venezia Giulia by the Pietro Pittini Foundation together

Crescendo in armonia

Now in its second edition Crescendo in Armonia intends to use the expressive-musical language to allow children (primary school) develop attitudes oriented to empathy, hospitality,

Music System Italy

A project that puts together high-level musical education with the cultural promotion of FVG Region heritage. Courses, master classes and concerts are combined with the


Yuki Green and White created by Yuki Onlus and Calicanto with the support of Pietro Pittini Foundation has the aim of allowing young people –

Teen to Teen

“Teen to Teen” is a project designed to improve awareness of the cultural heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Secondary school students (teens) are encouraged to produce multimedia material illustrating some of the works that now languish in our museums.

Parole a Scuola

Parole a Scuola (Words at School) is a free training initiative organized by Associazione Parole Ostili. It aims to share effective measures to give a concrete response to the need to tackle online hostility.

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